oh, California.

It’s been awhile and i’ve been neglecting this site but with good reason. I’ve been busy with my unborn child. Yes, I am happy to announce we are expecting! We are overjoyed. I’ll share more pictures of my progress as my tummy gets bigger and now that I have more energy, I am feeling more inspired.

Lucas and I took a trip to California to celebrate my sister’s graduation. We also wanted to enjoy sometime with our loved ones,  to take in the beauty, and the food of home before our little one arrives. Here are some shots I took with my new Leica. I hope you enjoy and see my love of my home. It has been wonderful here in Baltimore and we are nearing 5 years. But I must say, as I am preparing myself as a new mom, I remembering where I grew up and am getting homesick.

The people, the food, the culture. It will always be home to me. Gosh, I love California.

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Artists are sentimental, child like even. It is very important to be like this... to be amazed by everything." -J.C.
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