Summer 2011

Summer here in Baltimore is in full effect! What can i say…its been quite a summer! I’ve been super busy but have been super blessed with abundance.


I’ve really been just snapping away at everything. I haven’t done that in a long time. I’ve also recently discovered Instagram for IOS. its a great photography community, very lomo-eque in that you just take photos of everyone and everything. Here are a few shots i’ve taken recently.  If you haven’t already guessed, i’ve really fallen in love with the East Coast and Baltimore! Also, don’t foget! is this weekend!! so come out, enjoy the sunshine and the bizarre art from my fellow Baltimoreans!




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Mom and Dad in Chinatown


My new watermark! :)

I chose a feather as a representation of myself as a photographer because it means many different things. It’s symbol meaning deals with ascension and spiritual transcendence. It also represents air, flight, spirituality, freedom and courage. All of these things I have found in my most recent years. It definitely represents who I am today and what I want to express in my work. Photography for me has always been a way of capturing how I look at the world and the many stories I have documented over time. It’s always allowed me to search for beauty in everything and everybody.


Special thanks to Adriel Luis, the Funky Pixel for creating my watermark and this fabulous website.


I’ve been obssessed with Hipstamatic lately. Here are a few of my more recent shots.

Lucas and Mochi in Patterson Park.

Early Evening Sky


Spring is definitely here.


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So many things on the horizon for me. Spring is almost here. Round of applause, Baltimore. We’re almost there.

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sharing is caring.

This is one of my most favorite songs. there is just so much soul. <–click there.

RH Factor and D’Angelo. deeelish.

Here are a few shots. I haven’t been feeling well so i decided to get some sun. It’s been really nice here in Baltimore. Enjoy.

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Big thanks to everyone that came out to Ancient Arts Wellness Center to show your support. It was a big success and a very intimate show. It was a magical weekend. <3


This is too beautiful not to share.

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February 12th at the Ancient Arts Wellness Center

I am pleased to announce my first gallery opening for 2011 at the Ancient Arts Wellness Center in the heart of downtown Baltimore.

I will be featuring a few pieces capturing the light and darkness in life; Yin and Yang and how in all aspects of life it is present.

This show and the Ancient Arts Wellness Center mean a lot to me. They are a center that promotes healthy and balanced living. I personally see Ellie Isaac for acupuncture at this center. She is a healer and has helped me tremendously with  living a balanced and healthy life. She’s helped me embrace and celebrate the creative drive in myself. She has come to be a very dear friend and is a part of my “Baltimore Family.”

You can find more information here about Ellie and the Ancient Arts Wellness Center. (look for Ellie Isaac)

If you are in the Baltimore-Washington area, please stop by and enjoy good food, converation and art. As well as,  check out the MAGNIFICENT work that the Ancient Arts Wellness center does on a daily basis.



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winter 2011.

New site, new start. It’s been magical so far, 2011.

Special thanks to all the beautiful people and places I’ve had the privilege of capturing over the last few years.


The fog rolling over Montara Beach

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Artists are sentimental, child like even. It is very important to be like this... to be amazed by everything." -J.C.
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