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I have been settling well back home in California. Being around familiar faces and my family has truly been a blessing. Here are some shots from a recent photoshoot I did of an amazing young model named, Molly. The shoot was effortless! Just 3 gals playing dress up and making magic happen:) Make-up artist extraordinaire and [...]

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Back in the Swing of Things.

I have been on a “shooting” hiatus for the last year. Being pregnant and a now a new mom is a full time job. I am now finding my groove and as a new momma, I feel like my heart is completely whole and I feel so inspired. Here are a few (overdue) shots I [...]

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Maggie and her first days home while Mama visited from California. I’ll always cherish this time.

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We are pleased to announce…

Photo Card View the entire collection of cards.

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Fall is approaching.

It’s almost time for my favorite season. Fall. A lot of great things on the horizon, and the biggest event of all, the birth of our baby girl. I have been laying low and leisurely shooting. Pregnancy is hardwork!   Here are a few shots I took around Baltimore today at the Farmer’s Market. It’s [...]

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oh, California.

Snapshots of Northern California with nostalgia at it’s heart. :)

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Dress up time!

One of my favorite things to do is playing dress up. I think I got it from my older sister, Janelle who is now a fashion designer. My twin and I were always her test dummies. So last night it was a great joy being able to share that same tradition with my dearest friend, [...]

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Old things/new things.

A Few things that have caught my eye, recently.    

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beauty of words

I have been immersing myself in everything that has been inspiring me lately. I can’t  help but fall in love with ways that express love that there are no words for.  But sometimes you find someone who has the ability to say things so simply yet so complex it captures things i have felt before [...]

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Summer 2011

Summer here in Baltimore is in full effect! What can i say…its been quite a summer! I’ve been super busy but have been super blessed with abundance.   I’ve really been just snapping away at everything. I haven’t done that in a long time. I’ve also recently discovered Instagram for IOS. its a great photography [...]

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Artists are sentimental, child like even. It is very important to be like this... to be amazed by everything." -J.C.
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